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12-23-2008, 08:06 AM
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It is definitely the devils, year after year knocking the flyers out of the playoffs, celebrating cups in the swamp with an intimate gathering of maybe 100 people, ushering the era of boring defensive hockey. Let me put it this way, one of my happiest days will be when i get to p*ss on scott stevens grave.

the rags were a joke for a long time, and haven't beaten the flyers in the playoffs in ages. I just hate ranger fans, or NY fans in general.

Then pens rivarly is purely crosby, i respected mario, and have some great memories of the flyers beating the pens in the playoffs. The best chants of all time come in flyers-pens games, the 2 hatty game last year was the most juiced i've seen a regular season crowd, all chanting in unison. My hate of the pens dies with crosby.

I really enjoy caps games actually, I love watching ovechkin play, I don't know why everyone boos him when he has the puck. His ugly mug should be the face of the NHL not cindy, him leading the allstar votes is a joke.

I'm not a big fan of tampa or alot of the expansion teams, their mere existence is an insult to hockey in general

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