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12-23-2008, 11:17 AM
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Crosby. Though it is pretty close. God I love typing that. But Crosby just has a seemingly sixth sense that is almost scary that sets him apart from any other player in the league, including Malkin. But very very close. I still remember when the first lottery balls everyone forgets did not favor the Pens and they got Malkin instead of Ovechkin. And I participated in threads that went for a thousand posts where almost everyone told me I was crazy to say that Malkin was every bit the player Ovechkin was and a center to boot which all things being equal you would rather have. I have been enjoying watching this play out pretty much as I had said.

As a ps, if you asked ANY owner in the league, including Washington's, off the record they would tell you Crosby. He is the biggest draw in the sport guarenteeing 15 years of sellouts. Not to mention his skills he brings. Crosby by far would be the number one choice of any owner in the league. So to answer this question there is no doubt that Mario and company would pick Crosby and not even think a nanosecond about it.

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