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12-23-2008, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
It's not because this was only your second post but that there is a whole other thread about Briere and him NOT ever getting traded. ANY thread that has Briere going anywhere is just plain stupid no matter WHO posts it or how many posts they have. Briere has a NMC and only he can agree to be traded ANYWHERE. He CHOSE to come here for a reason and he's not going to just agree to go where we want to dump him after a year and a half.

You're getting crap about making a stupid post on only your SECOND post because if you had taken more time to READ (ie - be open minded to what others think) rather than just start a post just to hear yourself speak then you'd have known what the overwhelming opinion on Briere getting traded for anyone was on this board.

You can respectfully disagree with other opinions but to fail to acknowledge them and ignor them shows a lack of credibility in your posts.

Remember, it's NOT that trading Briere isn't a good move for the team, it's just that it's a pipe dream that he will waive his NMC to let us trade him.
And yet you make it seem like the NMC is some immovable isn't. There are other places in the league he probably wouldn't mind playing for (clearly less than in Philly however), other teams he likes, other players he's friends with. NO ONE wants to be somewhere where they aren't he could very easily be run out of town and he WOULD waive it. I hate seeing people act like this NMC is the end all be all of trades. McCabe had one, Boyle had happens. Is he going to waive it to go to Atlanta? No. But he might waive it to go somewhere else, if all of a sudden he is disliked here.

All of that said, I don't see him traded ANYTIME soon. I just disagree when people make a NMC seem like it prevents people from even thinking about a deal.

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