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12-23-2008, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by bdemz View Post
Why am I getting crap for just joining up? yes this is my second post but everyone has to start somewhere don't they...

This was just a what if... I checked salaries and this would work that way. I do know Briere has a NMC so he would have to agree but when he comes back why would he want to play 3rd line center? The way Richards and Carter are playing you can't change that up, and we saw that Briere can't play wing effectivley.

Tell him he can play #1 cnter for either of those teams and he might go.
Because there's a long history of new people signing up to post crazy trade proposals and then disappearing. There's not much tolerance for it on our board.

But as for the discussion: as I said, if we're hypothetically trading Briere, it's because we have too much money invested in forwards on long contracts. Trading Briere gives you more flexibility. But getting a big forward contract back defeats the purpose. Briere can score just fine for $6.5M, we don't need to make moves to improve the offense.

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