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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
It's no different than those who wanted to trade Carter for the past 2 years. They are impatient and can't see past today.

The fact is that the makeup of this team would be much much better if we trade Upshall this offseason (like we did with Umberger, get me another 1st where we can take naother player like Sbisa or a top rated goalie and I'd be tickled pink), re-sign Knuble (at about 4 mil over 2 years) and Biron (8-9 mil over 2 years) and bring up either Giroux or JVR (with the other getting a bit more seasoning in the AHL.

Even next season Knuble will be a much more valuable asset to the team than either Giroux or JVR. However, give then a full year in the NHL and Knuble another year of getting older and by year 2 of his new contract Knuble may be passed by either or both of Giroux or JVR in all aspects of the game. Knuble will be great to still have around for when we get those inevitable injuries.

You know what, now I don't want to jinx them or anything but Knuble and Hartnell stay pretty healthy compared to most of the rest of the team. You'd think it should be otherwise seeing how they both make their living getting dirty in the trenches but overall they are 2 of the more healthy players we've had. Strange.

why trade upshall? you're not gonna get anything fror him....his value is no where NEAR the value of Umberger. Umberger wasn't traded he was let go for cap reasons...unless I'm mistaken. Upshall is the perfect 3rd liner mucker/grinder for this team and is gonna be pretty cheap. I agree with the goalie prospect, but why would you keep Biron....that is not money well spent.

But keeping topic with this thread....I do agree with keeping Knuble for an extra year....I don't know about 2 because there are 2 gems in the pipeline ready to come in.

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