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12-23-2008, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
a lot of players aren't the sum of their individual skills and that isn't a slam against their desire, it's how they play the game. If he could find a way to put everything together every night, he wouldn't be a very good star player, he'd be a superstar, and he's never been that. I do have the nagging feeling that we'd miss him more than we'd realize if he was gone. Hence, the attepmts to get Hossa and others similar.
Oh, Kovalev will need to be replaced, that's a given. Maybe not right after, and I don't know how (by trade, farm or UFA signing), but there's no player in our team right now who can replace him.

Remove the top rooster, and you change the pecking order. The other teams will concentrate their energy on another player.

It's just that at 5M (assuming he will sign back for something of this order), I would prefer to pay a little more and have someone a little better. Hossa would certainly fit the bill (and rather nicely), but it's hard to know if he would really want to come here.

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