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12-24-2008, 05:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs View Post
Although I don't care for Sundin, nor the signing.. I don't think thats the case. I really think he wants to play a long ways from Toronto, and with the Sedins.

I think he could have signed earlier and taken more money by doing so. A one year deal, midway through the season isn't exactly a money grab in my mind.

The entire thing is really weird though.

It is a money grab. He's making the same amount had he played a full season. it's prorated but still the same crap. A long ways from Toronto is San Jose if he was serious about winning a Cup. If the guy was interested in winning a Cup he'd have done what Selanne and Kariya did when hey signed in Colorado. He'd play for 1 million a season and sign with a legitimte contender. As it stands he signed a one "year" deal, joined a team with has no real legit chance of winning the Cup, a team who offered him the most money half way through the season. he's a rental player playing for money not for glory. HYPOCRIT.

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