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12-24-2008, 08:20 AM
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Originally Posted by flyersfan97 View Post
Of course, I voted for Richie--it's about time we had a poll like this.

Carter, to me, looks like he needs horn-rimmed glasses and a pocket protector---so not good looking IMO, but others, such as Jules, love him.

In all truth, if you saw them all just walking down the street, Lupul is probably truly the best looking, followed by Upshall then Richie. Sbisa is adorable, but he still looks 12 to me. Bad enough I'm checking out the 23 yr olds, the 18 year old would just be far too Mary Kay for me.
So here's where I'm f'd up. Yes, I love Carter...but I didn't vote for him. I me Gags is a hottie. I told ya, I'm not normally into blondes, and Gagne is just...I dunno....a little more rugged lookin' nowadays. Just somethin' about him. Carter's a close second.

To be honest, I can find something hot in just about any of the guys. Hell, that fact that Jason Smith was so ****in' scary made him hot! LOL.

Maybe I'm just old and a horn-dog....LOL

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