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12-24-2008, 09:40 AM
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Originally Posted by JLHockeyKnight View Post
So what's on everyone's holiday want list, what do you want Santa to bring you? And what were the best presents you gave?
Well I've had my Richards third since they came out, but my brother wanted to use it as a gift, so at this point, I just want to wear the ****ing thing. Then there's money, and lots of it, cause Christmas made me a broke ***** this year. And also, if it would snow at some point this winter, that would be fantastic. I'm tired of this ice ****, especially since I got pwned at a bar last night, when two jackasses that were fighting decided to back up into me and I went flying and hit my bad knee pretty hard, and then I proceeded to go ass to the ice this morning and banged my knee again. So yeah, snow, and then that's it.

As far as gifts, no one I know really wanted anything cool, so they're not getting anything cool. I guess I can say my pollyanna gift that I have to give away tonight is nice for a pollyanna. The guy I got is a big Flyers fan, and he also likes the Colts for football, so I got one of those Flyers stockings, and put a Colts calender, Flyers hat, and a bottle of Blackberry Brandy since it's his favorite in it. Definitely went above the $20 limit, but what the hey.

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