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12-24-2008, 10:22 AM
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chris drury cares tons, maybe more so than anybody else on the team.
he has always been a laid back guy, its not his stlye to be loud and very emotional.
markus naslund was the captain of vancouver for how long? and was very similar, but unlike us fans here in NY the vancouver fans loved him very much.

the fact of the matter is if the rangers were playing good hockey at this point in time nobody would have a bad thing to say about him.
but because were are not playing good all people can do it tear him apart every single night.

we're all spoiled after having messier as our captain and expect all of our captains to be like him, but theres one problem there isnt another mark.

last year when drury didnt have the C on nobody had a bad thing to say about the guy, this year everybody rips on him even though hes playing the same style of hockey he always has.

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