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12-26-2008, 06:45 PM
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here's what i came up with:
re-sign Hank, $7.25mil avg; more than fair, under the Lidstrom cap
re-sign Mule, $3.5mil avg; if he wants more, especially considering the cap uncertainty beyond next year, let him go and start to totally re-tinker and try to fit Hossa in - he's worth cap hell, Franzen not so much
re-sign Leino, $1mil avg; slight raise, kind of like the Hudler of the past couple of years
re-sign Huds, $2.75mil avg; probably less than market value, but if he wants to break the bank, he can run away with Lazy Bob and live in his basement in Montreal
re-sign Kopecky (or UFA equivalent), $.5k avg; seems like a dime-a-dozen guy, but has shown brief flashes to indicate otherwise
promote Helm, $.6k avg; needs to be with the big club, would like to replace Malts and Drapes at the same time, but i don't see that happening
promote Big Rig, $.9k avg; also needs to be with the big club, slight savings over Lilly, with much higher upside
promote Howie, $.72k avg; costs the same as your run of the mill vet backup, and would get a chance to show if he's capable of shouldering the load if/when Ozzie struggles - dump him if he fails
trade Lilly, lose DMac, lose Cheli, maybe lose Malts (retirement if/when we win the cup )/keep Meech for a little more space

grand total: $56,699,441

Hank - Dats - Homer (7.25+6.7+2.25) 16.2
Mule - Flip - Cleary (3.5+3+2.8) 9.3
Leino - Helm - Huds (1+.599444+2.75) 4.349444
Malts - Drapes - Kopecky/UFA (.883333+1.583333+.5) 2.966663

Liddy - Raffy (7.45+6) 13.45
Kronner - Stuy (3+3.75) 6.75
Big Rig - Lebda (.9+.65) 1.55

Ozzie (1.416667)
Howie (.716667)

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