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12-26-2008, 11:14 PM
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Habs Forum EHM Career

I figure I'd give this a shot. I've got an updated database of EHM 2007 and I figure we should try to bring this back

Fill this out

First & Last Name:
City of Birth:
Birthdate (try to make yourself eligible for the 2010 draft):

Height (cm):
Weight (kg):
Position (or more than one):
Shoot/Catch (Left/Right):

Basic descriptions (both physical/technically and mentally)


Favorite teams / teams you hate :

Junior/Amateur team:


1- ZeRo.O (Ben Summers)
2- Habsfan18 (Nathan Lajoie)
3- Jeffonfire (Jean-Francois Lepine)
4- Globalz (Simon Vidal)
5- thief50 (Nicolas Collette)
6- the finnish flash (Raivo O'Brien)
7- Garo (Charles Garofano)
8- slocheauska (Mike Cormier)
9- Octavius (Clement Pristov)
10- skar67 (Alexandre Locas)
11- Pierre Dagenais (Steven Lu)
12- kostitsyn1489 (Karl Ayotte)
13- 49K (Lance Hoang)
14- HulKOMInia (Tom Cruise)
15- gohabsgo_11 (Kirill Kostitsyn)
16- TheWhiteTiger (Tommy Beland)
17- HabsGuy19 (Justin Robinson)
18- MXD (Jean-Jean Rejean)
19- Basszor (Sebastien Levesque)
20- Freaky Habs Fan (Vincent Price)
21- WeThreeKings (Stian Burgstrom)
22- Kostitsyn46 (Jeff Sweeney)
23- Iwishihadacup (Francis Beaudry)
24- HarryI (Harry Illouz)

I may add more spots depending on the response, but for now, we'll stick with myself and 15 others.

Harry, thief, WTK, if any of you are reading, hope you guys are cool with me doing this and if any or all of you want a player created, consider it done

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