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12-27-2008, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Dr Quincy View Post
1) I'll explain how. You make a false syllogism. Yes Nabokov is a Vezina runner up, but that doesn't automatically lead to your conclusion that he is better. If you are familiar with the statistical analysis site you would know that many statistics from last year showed that Nabokov didn't deserve to be in the Vezina running. This year is no different.

Which goalie would you want most and which would you want least?:

2.48 GAA .907 svp
2.04 GAA .935 svp
2.09 GAA .926 svp
2.46 GAA .911 svp
.They are in order:
Alex Auld (who I threw in there to show how mediocore Nabokov's stats are).

Really, what evidence do you have, other than he plays on a good team that wins, that Nabokov is better than either Thomas or Fernandez this year? Heck, his own teammate Boucher has outplayed him completely this year.

2) Again statistical evidence refutes your 2nd contention about Thornton and Savard: Who do you take:
34 games, 11 goals, 29 assists, +21
34 games, 9 goals, 30 assists, +14

Savard kills penalties more than Thornton too.

Savard 491 minutes, 36 goals 4 = Savard on the ice for 1 goal every 13.8 minutes
Thornton 517 minutes, 32 goals for = Thornton is on the ice for 1 goal every 16.2 even strength minutes

Oh and you've alreadly claimed that Thornton's linemates are better than Savard's, so that means Savard totally outperforms Thornton. He's on the ice less even strength, but yet his team scores more goals.

Let's look at defensively:
Savard 491 minutes 15 goals against= 1 goal against every 33.2 even strength minutes
Thornton 517 minutes 18 goals against= 1 goal against every 28.7 minutes even strength

Oh and you also said that Thornton has the better defensemen and goalies. So how do you explain the opposing team scoring more on Thornton than on Savard?

A team of Savards even strength would score 4.3 goals a game and give up 1.8 goals a game.

A team of Thorntons would score 3.8 goals a game and give up 2.1 goals a game.

I've presented a case for either Fernandez or Thomas over Nabokov. I've presented a case for Savard over Thornton.

I'd love to see your evidence as to why Thornton is the superior player this year, or why you think Nabokov is outplaying the Boston duo. I will give any evidence you submit careful consideration. Thanks.

Also, I'd be glad to look at some of your other statements about forward and defensive depth if you'd like. I also find your "injury" rationale rather lame, as the Sharks have been hit no harder by injuries than any other team in the league, and certainly not as hard as the Bruins.

The only F missing significant time is Cheechoo with 12 games. The only D man is Murray with 5 games.

Do you honestly, HONESTLY, think that compares to:
Aaron Ward missing 9 games and Andrew Ferrence missing 18? Seriously? You have your #6 dman miss 5 games and that equals Boston missing their 3 & 4 (or 5) guys missing 9 and 18 games (and having both of them out at the same time for 9 games)?

Forwards: Cheecho missed 12 games. Kobasew 12, Sturm 15

Oh and both Boston guys have more points than Cheechoo, despite having played the same or significantly less time.
I have no idea what Savard > Thornton (not true) has to do with which team is better, but that's another issue, as is Nabokov. I realize you were responding to another post but again, arguing over which of those players is better doesn't answer the team question. And on top of Cheechoo, Torrey Mitchell's been out the entire year, and Michalek, Goc, and Roenick have each missed a handful of games (5, 8, and 6 respectively). Both teams have had injury troubles, and one teams' troubles don't outweigh the other's by much IMO.

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