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12-27-2008, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Well, they can get used to living in the real world.

Lupul signed for a LOT of money at a position where we already have a lot of money signed up in players, and a lot of talent. JVR is going to come in at about 3M per on his first contract. Giroux makes 800K or whatever.

It's great to say "Lupul is playing great..." "Lupul fits in with the team great..." etc. etc., but the fact fo the matter is that Holmgren has signed himself into a corner and he's going to CONSTANTLY have to make hard decisions from year to year. Last year he had to cut Umberger loose. Next year he's going to have to cut someone else loose, too.

Lupul makes the most sense to cut loose. And, to be honest, even if you move Lupul I think you're going to have to move someone else short-term if you expect to see JVR with this team...Upshall seems like a likely casualty (another guy that seems popular).

Look at the salary cap and tell me how you're going to make it work. Tell me who makes more sense to move than Lupul and his big contract?
Upshall doesn't make very much money, he may not make a difference

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