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Originally Posted by Thornton_19 View Post
Not sure How. Nabokov is a Vezina runner up, and is better than either of the Bruins goaltenders. Thomas is having a good year, but has yet to make his mark in the way Nabokov has.
Nah, Nabokov is a fairly overrated goalie.

he's a good solid goalie, but nowhere near the top.

Meanwhile, Thomas is easily the most underrated goalie in the league - he's an excellent, excellent goalie....just with a butt ugly style.

Depth at forward is certainly close, but San Jose has a win here.
Thornton is better than Savard,
I think this is pretty close, actually. Savard is tremendously underrated.

and Marleau is close behind. Setoguchi has some growing to do, yet is already doing big things.
I don't think Marleau is that close behind, despite his hot start - he's a ways behind guys like Thornton or Savard.

Krejci/Kessel vs. Marleay/Setogouchi is an interesting comparison. pretty close - and it really depends on a personal evaluation of the youngsters, as none of them have proven anything yet.

Michalek and Clowe and Pavelski make up a formidable second line. Michalek is a 60+ point guy himself and Clowe is a tremendous Power forward who is performing very well(On pace for 34 goals, 65+ points.)
An ok 2nd line, I'd say - not really formidable. 3 guys you can probably count on to score an average of 50 points each. Nothing special, but pretty solid.

Fairly comparable to what Boston puts out there as a 2nd line with guys like Lucic/Sturm/Ryder/Bergeron.

Hell. Cheechoo is a former Richard winner and he is a 3rd liner due to injuries(Even without Thornton, Cheechoo is a capable 30+ goal scorer)
Yeah, Cheechoo pretty much stinks. He's not scoring 30 goals without Thornton - never has, never will.

Mitchell has been out all year, but he is the Sharks Best Pker. Along with grier and Goc, they make a formidable checking crew. Roenick is still good for 30 points or so on the 4th line.
Yeah, but compared to boston's young depth on the 3rd/4th line including guys like Wheeler and Kobasew and Bergeron, I don't think it's really close - Boston has a pretty huge edge down on the bottom lines.

And defensive Depth? The Sharks 5th and 6th Dmen Murray and Ehrhoff are 3rd and 4th Dmen on most teams.
Murray's a #6 defenseman, through and through. On any decent team. He's good in that role, but that's all he is. Erhoff is a borderline top-4 guy on most every team.

Nothing especially better than their counterparts on the Bruins like Ference, Stuart, Ward, Hnidy.

Wideman and Chara are both stellar Dmen, but after those two, any of the Sharks 6 are better than the rest of the Bruins Dmen. all 6 of the SJ blueliners have been playing stellar defensively, especially considering the more offensive attitude of the new coach.
I think you're underrating quality veteran defensemen Ference and Ward, and underrating very impressive young dmen Hunwick and Stuart. These guys are solid dmen, and fairly comparable to their counterparts on the Sharks.

The Bruins are good. Very good. But they lack the overall Depth the Sharks squad has. The Sharks have been down 3 top 6 forwards and their top Dman at certain points this season and have not missed a beat(Not to mention their best Pker has been out all year) and their #1 goalie went down for an extended period. The fact that they could lose so much and still slice through the competition without seeming to be missing pieces is testament to that Depth.
Yeah, I don't see their depth being better than the Bruins' depth. What the Bruins can put out there on the 3rd line is truly impressive, and beats what the Sharks have. The defensive depth is fairly comparable on both teams.

I'm not sure where you're coming from with the INJURIES argument - both the Sharks and the Bruins have been two of the healthiest teams in the league this year. They've lost very few games to injury. And even then, the Bruins have arguably had more significant long-term injuries - specifically with Sturm and Ference.

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