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07-27-2004, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by JCD
I doubt the Dolphins trade a 1st to replace him. If anything, the deal Ogunleye. Might be a Barry Sanders situation where they just eat the loss for a year and worry about it next season.

As for money, I don't think Ricky is as loaded as people might think. Sure, he has more money than all of us combined, but not as much as you might think.

(got this off a Dolphin's fan site, so the numbers could be off some)

Ricky signed a terrible contract as a rookie. That is what you get when you are stoned and hire a rapper to represent you. It was a 9 mil signing bonus, but a bare minimum base salary (something laughable like 800k for his 3 seasons COMBINED in NO). It was all incentive-based and he hardly hit any (not even the voluntary ones like showing up to camps on time, being in shape). Dolphins took mercy on him and converted most of his incentives to base salary.

In total, he has made about 14 million dollars as a pro. 1.4 goes to his agent. Taxes will eat another 4.5, leaving him about 8 million.

However, since Williams has voluntarily broke his contract, the Dolphins can sue to recoup a pro-rated portion of his original signing bonus, about 3 million.

Williams has 5 million dollars, minus all the cash he has spent on drugs, cars and fines. A buttload of money to you or me, but not the piles of cash you would have expected.

When you put it that way....Poor Ricky. He did get shafted early by the Saints. I remember there being incentives but also reluctance to give him the ball around the goal line etc...Anyways, I can't feel bad for the guy cause if I was worth even 4 million, I'd be retiring, but I'd do it with some class. I also didn't realize the fish could sue because of the voluntary breakage...thanks, I always seem to get the goods when you post. Didn't Ricky have a major Reebok endorsement though?

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