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07-27-2004, 05:10 PM
Dave Carlson
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Originally Posted by Jester
after KJ busted his hand you went to Rags(before getting hurt himself) and Markov, who were both consistent animals back there... Malakhov was our best dman on select nights... Timander was a workhorse, and did an admirable job, but I never enjoyed watching him going back into the corners for pucks...

specifically the backwards golf swing attempts... i would have been much happier if he got position on the puck and trapped it in the corner than try that low percentage play. if he'd done it once and realized it was a bad idea after whiffing it would have been one thing, but on multiple occasions he tried it and screwed the pooch.
except that the entire team was poor all year in clearing the zone, specifically on the PK, and Timmander was probably the most effective in doing so, including his "golf swings". He may have flubbed it twice, but it really wasnt that low percentage and compared to the pathetic attempts the rest of the team was giving at clearing it worked more then fine.

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