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07-27-2004, 09:21 PM
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Originally Posted by blackisback
He also proved he's a bad team guy by not reporting to the minors. I didn't see him stick up much at all for people like a true enforcer. He suker punched Cairns and then chickened out fighting him.
1. Plenty of people do not report to the minors. Refusing to go does not mean that you are a bad team guy. In Dale's case, nothing could be further from the truth. He is actually a great team guy. That's why he is so popular in the locker room.
2. Are we back on the Cairns thing? What "sucker punch" are we talking about? Surely you do not mean the elbow when they were in a scrum that involved virtually everyone on the ice? THat happens in EVERY scrum. And surely you do not mean when Cairns theatrically flipped his gloves high above his head, turned to face Dale, squared up, AND THEN got hit. You cannot possbily mean that moment. Cairns got ticked that for once, he did not throw the first punch. Was Purinton supposed to ask his permission to start to throw punches as well?
3. And the famous "chickened out fighting him". You mean when he got Cairns to drop his gloves and go to the box? That was an example of chickening out? You mean the SAME EXACT thing that Cairns did to him in the previous game? That chickening out?
For all of Purinton's faults, I highly doubt that he fears to fight anyone. He regularly splits his decisions against Fedouruk and remains the only Ranger to have beaten Brashear. ANd those are 2 of the top heavyweights around. I highly doubt that he fears Cairns.

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