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12-29-2008, 09:24 AM
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It all depends what you guys mean by grit. If you mean T.K.'s and Begin's, no, Tanguay won't hurt anyone with his bodychecks.

But Tanguay goes into the corners and he does take out his man. And Tanguay, with two or three other players, is defensively responsible. I don't think I need to mention his offensive skills.

I don't understand some posters on this site. You expect Tanguay to be a skilled player and provide muscle and then rave about a floater like Lats who occasionally provides muscle and on rarer occasions provides skill.

I understand the pay scale is not the same between Lats & Tanguay but jeeze you guys would complain that Crosby is not gritty enough for this team.

You need a mix of talents to be successful. Tanguay brings alot to the table. Maybe we should look at those players, cough, name will go unmentioned, cough, that bring next to nothing.

I can remember a decade ago Bergeron summed up the Habs team of that era: the skilled players don't provide skill and the gritty players don't provide grit. Tanguay is providing skill and defensive awareness. Maybe we should look to other players to provide that grit, regardless of pay scale.

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