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12-29-2008, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by FrankMTL View Post
I can't see Pleks as a winger.....Speaking of Pleks, do you think we could sign him for 3 years at 2.5-3 million??
Pleks was a winger when he started off here. He played both position, center and winger. And if he keeps on pace with his production since the start of the season, 3 mil per isn't far fetched, but look for him to get closer to 3.5/4 mil if he does rack up more points in the 48 odd games left.

Originally Posted by le_sean View Post
Chipchura is ready for the big time. If they re-sign Lang and tell Chipchura to stay in the minors yet again then he might as well demand a trade. They need to give the kid a chance, he was better than Smolinski last year, it just didn't make sense to pay a guy $2 million to play in the AHL. I understand your point about Lang, but perhaps Gainey could package players to get a RH offensive centreman instead of merely plugging the hole all the time.

As for Tanguay, keep him, he's too smart of a player. It looks like he's floating out there but he's really just letting plays develop and then jumps on opportunities. He's smart defensively and gets nearly a PPG. He was starting to find chemistry with Koivu before Saku went down with an injury. It's about time the team gives the reins to Andrei Kostitsyn and let Kovalev walk, unless he agrees to a big paycut.
I'll let management judge if Chipchura is ready, rather then leave that to you. I was talking about the possibilities versus what philosophy management will have. They do need a guy like Lang and the trade you are talking about for RH centerman in Lang's place might include Chips too.

As for Tanguay or Kovy, no one can say for sure yet. No one knows the impact the lost of Kovalev might have. Those are things that are hard to quantify. Same with Tangs. And to me, it won,t be a matter of salary, when it will become a choice of who we keep, but rather a matter of places left on the team. If everybody remains, one of the two has to go because we will have 10 players for the top 9. I know Tanguay is younger, but he will also cost much more money.

Originally Posted by Rscorpio View Post
fine. In a dream world everybody takes a paycut.

Lang sign with us for 2,5
Koivu at 3,5M
Kovy 4M
Tangay 4,5M

and Kovalchuk at 5M
Not enough place for wingers. And im not talking about a dream world. Do realize that Lang, Kovy and koivu are all at the end of their careers and would probably much prefer to stay put in a place they like on a winning team then to have to pack their bags and go somewhere else just for the dough. Lang, Koivu and Kovy, compared to Tanguay and Kovalchuk is like comparing apples to oranges when comparing their salary demands and where they are at in their careers. The former three are way more likely to take a paycut.

Originally Posted by lamp9post View Post
Why do you capitalize the first letter of every word? Seems like a lot of work...and it's wrong.
When you write a text in all caps, this website automatically reverts your text to only the first letter being a capital letter. Hence, he/she probably wrote the entire thing on caps lock.

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