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12-29-2008, 10:51 AM
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Originally Posted by mario66lemieux View Post
Oh please! Boohoo he got 26 pts!!

Who gives a ****?

Ryder cant ****in skate, ruins every rush into the zone because of his inability to make the simplest of moves, he ruins the pp with his useless shot attempts, cant pass to save his life and sucks defensively.

He can get 100 pts for all I care, and I still wouldnt want him.
Says somebody who haven't seen him play AT ALL this year....

So we don't need 100 pts player do we? Sometimes people....I was done with him. Was time to move on. But how about acknowledging a player's work instead of trying to feel as if it didn't really matter to us...

Seriously, there is often more than putting points on the board....still that's often what makes you winning games and that's what makes a crowd believe in a player....Nobody thinks AKost is a great player 'cause he backchecks a lot...but now they start believing in him again 'cause of his hat-trick.....Plekanec was considered a failure this year despite him working hard and doing good defensive play but then people have hope for him....Why? 'Cause of his great offensive plays and his 2 assists last game....See the relation?

Again, a player is actually playing the way he plays.....not the way we want him to play or the way we have him playing in our head....

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