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12-29-2008, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Pascal View Post
looks like another niinimaa type pickup imo. Injured all the time and not that productive except for 1 season. unless he has some hidden defensive skills I don't know about I think it'd be a marginal pickup.
F Kaberle is light years ahead of Niinima. If it wasn't for him (and the refs), the Habs would've won against the Canes in the playoffs.

A change in scenery will do this guy some good. In the past two seasons, look at the Canes record with and without Kaberle, and you'll see he makes quite a difference.

I do agree tho that he is constantly injured. And I do agree with many other posters that he won't be available by the time the Habs would pick him up. Other teams can chose before the Habs and he will certainly be picked-up (maybe all teams will be waiting forre-entry waivers to cut half the salary, but I doubt it).

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