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12-30-2008, 04:48 AM
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I've watched the Bruins a good deal with Center Ice and obviously watch every Sharks game. The Sharks team playing right now is not better than the Bruins team playing right now. The Sharks right now have been stagnant, a tad complacent, and turning the puck over way too much.

The Bruins are not doing any of those things. They don't have the depth in talent that the Sharks have. Tim Thomas is playing better than Nabokov but the track record of both goaltenders would lead one to believe that Nabby will end up with the better season.

As for whether or not points means you have the better season than another is debateable. Boston with the current group of players can all end up with more points than all the Sharks players for all I care, it doesn't mean they're the better offensive team. The teams are tougher in the West. Not because they are better but because they play tighter defensively, rougher on the body, and you have to battle a lot more in the West for a goal than in the East. Western teams definitely have their share of soft teams but the defense and goaltending from top to bottom is better in the West than the East and thus scoring is tougher to accomplish.

If the Sharks and Bruins are equal on the point sheet, it will be equally impressive in my eyes because on paper, I believe the Bruins to be less talented up and down their lineup than the Sharks. The Sharks number would be impressive because by the end of the year they will travel more than any other team in the NHL. Even players tell you that it has an effect so to deny that it does is just plain ignorance. Is it a tangible effect that you can put a precise number on? No. But it is there and to not acknowledge it is to be flat out wrong.

Bruins are better right now. Over the course of the season so far, the Sharks have had to deal with a couple injuries, Nabby being the most key of them, and they still pulled through. Going off the teams each have played so far, I'd say the Sharks have had a slightly tougher schedule with a tougher travel schedule. Outside of October, the Bruins travel schedule has been pretty light. The Sharks schedule is a little more spread out but a lot more miles even with more home games.

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