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Originally Posted by All-Star View Post
I might be mistaking, and I didn't read every line of every post in this thread, but don't player's existing salaries go down if the cap goes down? I seem to remember Jagr having to take a pay cut at some point in the recent past. Is it just the salaries that are over the new max that get cut, or is it everyone's?
No they can't have a cut back again, that's what the escrow accounts are used for, to maintain the players at 57% of total revenues, like the 24% cut back was a league wide occurence to bring players to 57% of total revenues. Lowering the cap to a small degree wouldn't disrupt this logic so much, but a high decline in the cap would be opposite to the logic of having players get 57% of total revenues because of the existing contracts. A lot of players in the NHLPA would also be pissed that players who signed before the cap goes down are advantaged, whereas the players who will sign afterwards will lose in this deal. The escrow accounts don't discriminate, everyone get the same % cut from their salaries.

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