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12-30-2008, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Fish on The Sand View Post
I don't really dislike Higgins. Its just that his usefulness to the team has expired. He is at best our 6th best forward and in a salary cap world those guys are not a priority. Idealy I wish we could trade Higgins and get something that could help us make a cup run, but if we can't find decent value for him then we should hang on to him and keep him around in the playoffs.
Okay let me get this straight, you are using the cap excuse to say you'd rather keep Tanguay than Higgins, when both are among our best forwards defensively, yet Higgins' PPG ratio costs less than Tanguay's, and will still cost less after this season?? His usefulness hasn't expired, you just prefer other players on the team and for your info, neither you or I know if Habs management share your opinion and I doubt they do. You are taking a 21 game slump (where he was almost 0,50 PPG) and using it as an excuse. Higgins, along with Tanguay and AKost, has one of the better takeover/giveaway ratio on the team. You need these kinda players.

Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
Well he hasn't looked old. And by him getting 3 mill(over Kovy getting 5 and Koivu getting 5 or both getting 5(!!!)) we will have more cap space. I see Komi getting around 4.5(or more). Added to the 5.5 of Markov, 5.5 of Hammer, it's become an expensive D already. A few others will get raises. Plus the superstar we might get that will command big bucks. All of this taken into account, a 3 mill for Lang will fit the roster like glove.
Kovy and Koivu won't get 5 each, they'll get much less. I am absolutely certain of that.

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