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Originally Posted by Asterix View Post
I do agree with most of your post, with the exception of the comment in bold. True that he doesn't have much to "learn" in Hamilton, but his problem is between the ears as we know that he has the necessary talent to succeed. What he doesn't have is confidence and that's where playing more minutes, more quality minutes would or could do wonders for him. I'm not talking about a permanent reassignment here, but a stint of 4-6 weeks would do him some good in my opinion.

We have the luxury of being able to do just that with him as he doesn't have to clear waivers. Unfortunately, the same can't be said of Latendresse as I also think that he could use the same refresher (and so does O'Byrne).

From reading some of your posts and from your nickname on this board, you seem like a "mature" person (age-wise), so you must recall that the Habs of old used to use this strategy to their advantage on a regular basis. They used to either recall some young guys, give them a taste of the 5 star hotels and first class flights, then send them back to use the experience as a motivation. They've also done the opposite in sending young players back down for the same reason. It's a good motivation tool.
Just instinct, but I think they might not get the result they're looking for. The team has played well depsite some key guys being hurt, mainly due to guys working hard, TK, Lapierre,Lats,Begin, mixed with the talent of some of the others, SK has to buy into the get your nose dirty style of play. He doesn't have to grind it out, but he has to battle more. I guess how he practices really would tell us more. I think he's a Carbo favourite though and that won't hurt.

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