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07-28-2004, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Fotiu22
stop kidding yourself, purinton is AFRAID :

but i REALLY thought he had to fight him in the next game, not run from him like a chicken. i was embarrassed for him, he looked SCARED.
Give me a break. Fight Fedoruk? Sure. Fight Brash? Sure. But he is afraid of Cairns? Perhaps I am not the one who should stop kidding themselves. You may have WANTED for him to fight Cairns, but Purinton had other plans. Whatever they may have been, that does not mean that he is afraid.
YOU may have been embarassed, that he did not fight Cairns. However, why is it that Cairns is not seen as such a coward when he did the fake glove drop to get Purinton to take the penalty? Seems to me that when Dale dropped the gloves and Cairns did not, that it was big, bad Cairns that wanted no part of a fight.

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