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12-30-2008, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
By normal fans, though, I don't think he's overrated. In the scheme of all things hockey? Slightly overrated.
Which, to my way of thinking, has absolutely nothing to do with the player...

...and is instead a commentary on the times in which we live. Where hype and celebrity are confused with greatness...and the idiot masses buy it. Generation Britney.

The exposure of Crosby is without question disproportionate, even for a genuinely great player, but that is because the hype machine marketers deem it will be that way, otherwise the NHL will not get the weekly check in the mail.

That said, ponder this: were there no advertising, no talking heads, just NHL players on the ice, performing for 82 games each regular season, would you or I or any other sane person possessing an ounce of hockey knowledge and intellectual honesty for a second not consider him a world-class talent, a generational player?

Point being, we all could do without the massive amount of hype. Unfortunately, some people today are slaves to the media. As such the media controls them and their view of the everything. But that's their problem, it has nothing to so with #87. Ignore the media, watch the game.

Put another way: cut through all the superficial crap...and the game is the thing.

The only thing that matters.

And to that end, I'll follow the cue of the NHL GMs. They don't rate players based on Nike commericals.

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