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12-31-2008, 12:04 AM
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i went with the homer pick on this one, but i definitely need to start watching boston games especially after the result tonight that i did watch.

for some reason I just can't believe tomas can keep up this pace all season long. whenever i watch him i can't believe he is an nhl goalie because his style is unlike any other goalie's. reminds me a bit of hasek how he is all over the ice sometimes. he is making it work, and if he stays consistant and the sharks are in fact for real this year we may find out who is better in the post season...

Originally Posted by Montreal Shadow View Post
San Jose makes things harder for the rest of its conference, not the other way around.

Look at how Boston is doing, they would stomp on San Jose as they are right now. Sorry but Boston is by far the best team in the league as of now, there is simply no contest even coming from San Jose.
So SJ playing teamsthat are as jacked as they will be for a regular season game because they are playing the best team in the Western Conference doesn't make things hard on the sharks? silly logic there my friend. SJ and Boston get just about every teams best game which makes what they are doing even more impressive. saying one would stomp the other or that one is by far better than the other is a bit of a stretch...

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