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12-31-2008, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by KingPurpleDinosaur View Post
I just find it funny how quickly sports fans are able to turn on players who used to contribute to this team. Labarbera, at one point, was decent. He wasn't great, but he did the job when no other goalie we had was able. This isn't like Cloutier or Cechmanek who was crap to throughout their whole stint with us, at least Labarbera had a good run. Now he's worth nothing to the most of you and his contribuitions are all but forgotten. It wouldnt surprise me if one day Doughty receives the same treatment you guys give Labarbera, your memories are like mice, about as long as the last 10 games played.

Anyways, there are people who act ******** and people who are ********. Just figuring out what you are.
I don't think anyone here confuses me with a Lemming. I have never jumped on any bandwagon. In fact I take alot of heat for not going with the popular opinion. I have never liked Labarbera even when he was somewhat successfull. I have always thought he was awkward in net and gave up too many rebounds due to panicking.

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