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12-31-2008, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by RoadDoggFL View Post
How dare he use such obscure stats as wins and points to prove his point.

Those stats are only allowed to be used in singing praises for overrated goalies.

To be fair, the "W/O Nabby" column was against weaker teams, but it's still telling.
Toskala had better stats in San Jose, how's he done since?
Schaefer had better stats in San Jose, how's he done since?
Kipprusoff had worse stats in San Jose, and how's he done since?

As you pointed out with your last statement, without proper context, statistics are entirely useless. If you think any stat that has Brian Boucher better than Evgeni Nabokov is telling, then I really can't help you.

Put down the stat sheets and watch a few Sharks games and then tell me Brian Boucher is better than Evgeni Nabokov, that's the only real way to judge.

Originally Posted by Dr Quincy View Post
Way to completely miss the point. Of course Schaefer's teeny sample means absolutely nothing. But you totally ignore the 94 non-Nabokov games which is certainly enough of a sample to look at. The numbers pretty much show that even mediocore goalies are going to get wins when they play for a very good team, which is why wins (which is the stat Sharks fans love to use when talking about Nabokov) are meaningless when used to judge goalies.

You've actually refuted your own argument. Yes... even Nolan Schaefer can win with Thornton, Marleau, Michalek, et al playing in front of him, which is why any rational person looks at stats other than wins when judging goalies.
Since this is my argument as well, why exactly are you trying to refute me?

My argument doesn't involve arbitrary numbers, so, no, I haven't refuted my own point. My argument involves on ice production, which numbers can reflect to some degree, but not entirely. Look at the upper part of my post where I answer RoadDogg, and you can see what I'm arguing, and how the last part of your post agrees with my point of view.

You go on and continue to think Nabokov is a mediocre goalie... you just go on and continue to think that.

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