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12-31-2008, 02:13 PM
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Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post
Fair enough, even if he only plays 10.. that still only gives Price 37 games to get 25 wins.


Is that very likely?

I'd love for him to do it.. I'm just not sure there is enough time after his injury. Without his injury, I think its a no brainer.
Actually, he now needs 24 wins, and he has an average of two wins every 3 games, with the actual way the team ha been playing since the start of the season (16-4-5, which is 16-9), with this average, he'd need to be 24-13 in 37 games, which is likely with how the team has been playing and which would give Halak 9 more games this season. Now if the team plays better, its almost a sureshot if he doesn't get injured, and to me, I wouldn't be surprised if the team plays better in the upcoming months.

If he doesn't make it, he will be very close. Let's not forget that he missed almost three weeks, and is only 4 wins away from half mark with 5 games left till mid-season. IF he somehow manages 3-4 wins in the next 5 games, he'll be at 19-20 wins at the half mark of the season, while missing three weeks, which would make him very likely to get 20-21 wins in the second half of the season baring no further injuries, he'll have more time this time around to reach 20. That's why I think it is likely.

Also, for the person who thinks this will exhaust Price, let's not forget that he's much more healthy than last year, with the weight he lost this summer and training he got. Also, he will not have spent the previous season doing all he did in 2007, which is actually what exhausted him, coupled to the fact he wasn't as healthy as right now.

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