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12-31-2008, 03:30 PM
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Well Said KB...

I too appreciated his run an we actually were sad he was not able to come up to the Kings cause of the waiver deal! And I was one who did support him for our starter! Sadly he was ever and always a streaky guy.

And as many here said seems like the league maybe has figured out how best to get to him. The elite players make him look foolish alot, and his practicing rebounds to use for breakouts really wanted to make me pull out my hair!!!

He is a good teamate and cept for his glaring at our beloved younger players when he was beaten was a good cheer leader for our team. Sadly he was not able to retain the top spot he was groomed for.

Good luck to him in his career, but I am very happy his tenure with the Kings is over!
Even if he becomes better thru coaching or change of scenery his last few games were,
some of the sadest I have had to witness cept for Cluutz. The losses were especially hard to swallow.

To KPD I say this, just because someone has a viewpoint different from yours are they on a band wagon you abhorr? Do you thinik you might be just a bit hard an harsh with your fellow fans in this case? Do you tend to lump people into categories as a rule or just in this case? As an individual and american a society built on individualism I was taught to take each person an case as a unique one, something for you to consider as you compartmentalize the world an its peoples...

Happy New Years to all on this board may it bring us all that we wish for, and deserve... Go Kings!!!

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