Thread: Injury Report: Tanguay is out for a month
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12-31-2008, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by MTL-rules View Post
Laraque wouldn't have prevented this injury...

Tanguay didn't protect himself.. the second I saw Artyukhin going toward Tanguay I knew he was in trouble.

Just stupid play by Tanguay, he should have been more carefull, it's the ****ing NHL and he's a veteran.

...and forget about Laraque beating up Artyukhin, first off all, it was a very very very clean hit (I don't why you're calling for a man hunt for this ) and second the guy wears a visor, I'd like to see the last time Laraque fought a guy with a visor... if Laraque didn't fought Lucic, forget about that guy...

Basically, Laraque would have been useless last night and probably would have take the place of one of our best players last night ('cause the best ones were the 3rd and 4th liners).
You kidding, right? I hope...

You said it yourself, look at the last Bruins game with Lucic, he wasn't able to hit recklessly like usual because he didn't wanted to fight Laraque. It would have been that times 10 against Artyukin who clearly is not a goon.

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