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12-31-2008, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by czechmate25 View Post
The problem with Crosby is that he is billed as the "next one"......the league and the media want people to believe that he is head and shoulders above everyone else, and that is clearly not the case.

In the 80's, Gretzky was the best player in the world....he won multiple scoring titles and MVP's over an extended period of time. That was dominance.

In the mid to late 80's through the mid 90's, Lemieux was the best player in the world.....he won multiple scoring titles and MVP's. That was dominance.

From the mid 90's up until 2001, Jagr was the best player in the world....although he only won one Hart, he had 4 straight scoring titles (5 overall). That was dominance.

Ever since Jagr was traded from Pittsburgh, it can be argued that each year, there was a different player deemed the best. If Malkin wins the scoring title this year (which I think he will), it will be 7 different winners of the Art Ross in 7 years. Never in the history of the award has there been such a pattern exist. Usually there are a few players who go back and forth winning the scoring title.

The bottom line of it is, that Crosby is a great player but he is not the best, nor is he heads and shoulders ahead of everyone else. He's a good player made out to be much more. As one poster said, you can be a good player but still be over rated. This is the case for Crosby. He is over rated b/c there are some who believe that he is so much better than his nearest competitor, which is not true. How can he be compared to the likes of Gretzky or Lemieux when those players dominated the game for consecutive years while being clearly better than their peers?
He really hasn't done anything to refute that. By 21 he's done more than virtually any other player in hockey history at that age, outside of Mario and Wayne.

The irony of this topic is that on the main board there's a thread about Ovechkin being the best goal-scorer in hockey history. Yet here we are discussing whether Crosby's overrated.

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