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01-01-2009, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by decadentia View Post
Like others have said, Lupul has to be gone I would think. Knuble is someone i'd like to keep however.

I wonder how much of a raise Vaananen will be asking for, you would have to think we'd be trying to bring him back.

Personally I see homer believe the following are expendable depending what he plans on doing...


I really wonder if Briere would consider being traded, something i'll never know, but always wish I did. Although i'd like to keep him, he sure would free up a lot of space to build a more cohesive team around. Anyhou, thats my can of worms for the week.
Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
With regards to players/personnel being jettisoned for next season, I'm thinking it'll be something like:


Don't forget we've also got Hatcher's contract coming off the books and I think we're left with one more year of Mike Rathje's contract on the books. With Jones, Alberts, and Kukkonen gone, that makes room for Parent and leaves us with enough money to re-sign Vaananen. With Niitty and Biron being free to walk, it means the Flyers taking a stab at Khabibulin and having Scott Munroe as the backup. With Knuble, Upshall, Asham and Metropolit being sent packing, we'll have a spot on the top line for a right winger (Giroux?), two spots on the third line (maybe a JVR - Briere - Nodl line) and a fourth line spot (Kalinski). We could still keep Lupul. It's not as if the cap is going down by a whole lot. The reports I've seen are that the cap is going to go down to 55 million. It's only 1.7 million less than this year. The Flyers should be in good shape.
Originally Posted by Cannon View Post
Personally, i think Upshall is a bargain. For his relatively cheap hit, he brings a lot to the table. It'd be a shame if we deal him because for now, he brings one of the best bangs per buck in the team.

Knuble goes in the summer, Lupul goes pretty soon, Jones probably too.

Not many seem to be looking at the option of trading Briere. We're doing damn well without him.
Too many posts to quote in here so here goes my thoughts.....

Upshall - Not a cap issue, his lack of offense is going to hurt him salary wise. He is an important piece of this team. You dont win with 9 first line players, you need gritty, two-way, agitating third liners as well and he fits the bill perfectly. He absolutely LOVES Philly (I heard this right from his mouth) so he shouldnt be expensive to re-sign.

Knuble - Needs to stay on this team for the rest of the season. I love the guy but he is expendable next season unless signing for a cheap contract

Jones - Has become pretty expendable with Carle(who has much more upside) on the team and playing most of the year without him. Regardless of what anyone thinks about him, his contract is too expensive for a guy that is a 3rd pairing dman when this defensive group is healthy.

Alberts - He has settled in pretty well with this team but again, is he worth his contract when Kukkonen is not much worse and Parent may be available soon???

Briere - NO GOING ANYWHERE so doesnt matter what anyone thinks

Lupul - Love the guy, has played very well since he was put on a line with people that can actually play (a concept Stevens has trouble figuring out sometimes) but the extension he was signed to that kicks in next year is potential trouble for us

For this year I think Jones and/or Alberts needs to go and if Sbisa is not going to play send him back to Juniors. That alone should get us under the cap for this year, especially with the injuries that allow us to spend a little more. I would not screw with the chemistry at forward by moving Knuble or Lupul this year. Moving Lupul in the offseason might need to happen, but leave the team alone this year.

When healthy this year:

Gagne Richards Knuble
Hartnell Carter Lupul
Upshall Briere Nodl/Giroux
Cote Metro Asham

Vaananen Timonen
Carle Coburn
Alberts Kukkonen

Next year

Gagne Richards Briere (if he is put back at wing)
Hartnell Carter Giroux
JVR Metro Upshall
Cote Powe/Matsumoto Asham/Nodl

Coburn Timonen
Carle Vaanenen
Sbisa Parent

As far as goaltender, I still am a Biron fan even though most on here forgot how well he played for us in the playoffs....I saw BCF16 mention letting him and Nitty walk and signing Khabibulin.....Personally I rather have Biron than Khabibulin, he hasnt done squat since he left TB, except for this year...(a contract year....what a conincidence)

We do need to make a move for a top young goaltender prospect though whether that be through the draft or trade. Maybe a Lupul+ to Vancouver for Schneider/picks
in the offseason IF they keep the Sedin twins. I think Lupul is the PERFECT RW for them and how they play.

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