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01-02-2009, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Lone Rogue View Post
I'm one of the most stuck up music people there is, but if there are two terms i hate, its "rip off" and "sell out". It's like people thinking a guy falling funny must be a dive. There's more to music than just what you hear, and there's more to music than just what you see.
+1 - had the same discussion with my bandmates regarding songwriting. There's 10,000,000 heavy bands out there, someone somewhere has played that riff or progression you've been humming, get over it. And as for "sell out" -- it must have been some snotty rich kid with too much money and not enough blow who invented that phrase. Family's gotta eat!!!!

Even when I hate the music I just don't feel like slaging other bands anymore, it just seems petty and in a musician's case always comes off as jealousy.

But to be on topic:

I think the real plan here is to get O'Byrne back to feeling the game rather than fighting it. Montreal is a terrible, terrible place to be for a young player struggling. I'll be surprised if Weber isn't dressed as #7 D as I doubt very much his ability to handle NHL forwards.

Having seen more than usual AHL games this year I really notice the difference between the levels of competition... even if Weber has progressed sine day 1, he's going to have to be protected somewhat during the game so that his inexperience doesn't cost us a goals. I'm sure some will want to argue, but a D-man absolutely dominating in the AHL (which Weber is not yet) still has a ways to go before being reliable for regular shifts in the big league.

Usual execeptions for star players notwithstanding. Even if he pots one tonight I'd still use him with care. I'd rather he played lots of AHL minutes and grew stronger against weaker opponents then to rush him just because of injuries.

IMO O'Byrne will likely be back in 20-25 games anyhow.

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