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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Again, key players? I don't know how I forgot him but including Savard, KEY players for me are the goalies, Chara and Wideman, Krejci, Kessel, Wheeler and even Ryder like I already had mentioned. The ones you're missing are no slouch and no rookies, with the way Krejci is playing and the way Bergeron was playing before, Krejci has to be your 2nd centerman no? And then Lucic has just been demoted to the 4th line lately but wasn't he top 6 as well? So you're actually telling me that Kobasev Sturm and Bergeron were in your top 6 while you guys are having Savard, Kessel, Lucic, Krejci, Ryder and Wheeler? Sorry but sounds to me like you're missing a good 3rd line but not top 6 unless.....Lucic isn't what he's suppose to be anymore....
At the time Bergeron went down, he was 2nd among forwards in TOI/G and averaged more shifts per game than any other forward (including Savard). He wasn't contributing as much offensively as a few others, but he was still playing a large role on this team. 1st unit PP, 1st unit PK, often matched up against top lines, and was one of the top faceoff guys in the entire league.

Sturm is a consistent 25-29 goal winger who also plays on both the PP and PK. He was on pace for his usual 30ish again this season and Phil Kessel was the only wing who was playing more minutes per game than him. Hardly a guy I would consider a 3rd liner.

The B's didn't miss a beat without these two because they have strong forward depth at every position, not because they weren't key players.

As far as your D, I love how we keep hearing the top-4 when actually and in most teams, the gap is so big between the top 2 and the others. And it's the case as far as your team is concerned to as great as it is. Even with Ward and Ference, wasn't Chara and Wideman taking most of the icetime? I know that Ference was icing a lot as well but Ward was icing just as much as Hunwich does now...Losing a KEY component to a team is more like losing a top 2 than anything else, especially, AGAIN, when you have a Norris candidate who's not only good but can play 30 minutes a game....
Totally agree. The impact gap between Wideman-Chara and Ward-Ference is far greater than it is between Hunwick-Hnidy and Ward-Ference. Again though, having depth to replace those top-4 minutes was key

IMO Chara is the only single player who would have large enough impact on this team that you would see a considerable decline in overall play if he were injured for any length of time. He's just that important to success of this club.

And then, even if we would agree that those losses were a big blow to your team, which I don't believe, but let's say we do.....well you have the privilege in having one of the greatest coach in the league that made his players buy into a system. Don't wonder why Hunwick (but I give him tons of credit as well) as fit so well so far. Even St-Pierre looks fine. It is a testament to your latest drafts, it is to the players as well, but it certainly is to the system that Julien brought in.

Add everything with the fact that right now your team is playing in a zone where they just don't think they can't be beaten, it will take an incredibly great performance by a goalie or a couple of lucky bounces for your team to lose the next one.
Can't say I disagree.

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