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07-29-2004, 04:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner
say my name? i don't think you can spell my name

why would this guy want to come here? hello the flames just went to the cup with a young team why would he want to leave that? if he did want to leave that why would he want to come to the rangers? the rangers may have the worst team in hockey next season. hmm leave a cup contender to sign with the rangers for a few more dollars it doesn't make sense. i wouldn't want a guy that would do that anyway. this guy is maybe a top 4 defenseman on the rangers i don't want to think about what he would be on a deeper team. he isn't worth the money and i don't blame calgary if they walk away. an oft injured defenseman that isn't a gamebreaker isn't worth going after. Next year or the year after gautier could make a little differance but this year whats the point?
huh???? u consider calgary a cup contender, do u know what a cup contender is, its teams like det and toronto and philly not teams that just make the eighth seed or whatever and happen to get lucky and make the cup. they are just like anaheim, they made it to the cup, are they cup contenders to???? they didnt even make the playoffs., u still ask why gauthier would want to come here, i think if u read my post, i said why. no need to say it well type it again

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