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Originally Posted by TheGoalJudge View Post
Ok who is our shutdown line then? Every cup team has one. Who is our leader on offense? Kovalev? Who is our playmaker? Our face-off specialist? Our PP specialist? Who's the physical presence infront of the net? Who is our agitator?

I'm thinking about winning the cup and how traditionally those teams always have strict role definition. We seem to have a lot of quantity and redundant players on our roster right now.
I made a big huge sigh because you are unable to see the obvious, you are oblivious to things that are quite bare to see.

Why need a shut down line when the team is based on two-way play and has been succesful at it, being in the top 5 defensively this season?

Your thread title alone tells how much you are off-base.

No direction??? Really? The direction is based on developing from inside the organization, with good drafting, and it is still quite an ongoing process. Do you realize that most NHL players aren't in their prime right off the bat? That our young players need developing, that is a direction you doof. This team is being built as a force at even-strenght. We have molded players to that effect, Plekanec, Higgins, AKost, Lapierre, trading for Tanguay and Lang. And look at the results. Our team, despite having many injured, is still in the top teams on defense and on even-strenght, yet you say they have to identity? No identifyable core?

What about our defense too? Not identifyable enough for you?

You are quite nitpicking and omitting to include things. An agitator? Isn't Lappy enough?

Physical presence in front of the net... you do realize Higgins isn't there, Lats is still developing and MaxPac barely arrived on the team.

As for the PP, it will get into groove somewhen, its not the most important thing right now, and for the future I am not too worried, when pointmen like Subban and Weber will make their debutes.

This team is 21-10-6, with players like Tanguay, Koivu, Higgins, Komi, Price, Dandy who have all been out for more than a few weeks, and some for a few months, yet we have a good record. A team without those things you mentioned would be out of contention right about now. Sure there are some issues, but nothing to warrant your analysis and especially your thread title. Go watch some soap operas if you so sorely lack that in your life.

Just by the number of posters proving you wrong, you should get an inkling of how far off you are.


EDIT: Also realize that this team has ample choices to make to change the composition next summer because they have developed a lot of youth. These types of decision cannot be made without having them go through NHL play. This is not NHL 2009 on your PS3 or Xbox 360.

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