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07-29-2004, 05:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Yorkie
That's funny I left a very lucrative job in the tech industry to go to law school two years ago (also taking a pay cut). This is my final year, I can't wait to finish and take the bar. I'm also trying to take a more active roll in politics, albeit from a different side of the aisle than you (I gather from reading some of your opinions on off-topic subjects). It is a good thing when young people become more active in shaping the policies of the country.
hmmm. no offense to anyone , but politics are for fools and crooks .. thats all, dont worry about what the country does cause they dont care what u do or say, well they say they do but only the ignorant believe that... like i do ,i go to work every day make a living, and mind my b-ness, if u are becoming lawyers good for u, go make a living and dont worry about nothing but your selves and family, ummm... and i dont vote either, because once again if anyonbe believes our votes counts for anything, then once agian they are fools, look what happened with gore and bush, gore won the fla vote, but no they gave it to bush, why???? because his brother is the governer or whatever , so that should answer my comment as to how politics are filled with crooks and liers, sorry to get off topic . but there are more middle class out there, like my self a union man of local 45 carpenters. and assh01es like bush want to get rid of unions, cause we make money, once again im off topic , and im sorry for that... all these comments are imo so i dont expect anyone to agree, but cant tell me im wrong

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