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07-29-2004, 09:13 PM
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Zhamnov needs to be back. Very nice point on Zhamnov and Amonte's friendship Jester. Something I didn't give much though to. Hopefully he does restructure like you said. One thing I don't want to see again is Amonte-Zhamnov-Roenick on the same line again. That is a Western Conference line and after the 1st round it gave the Flyers nothing. If they can't dump Amonte or it becomes a sticking point w/ Zhamnov I guess Knuble-Zhamnov-Amonte would be a possible line combo.

Carter needs to be in the NHL. Zhamnov-Carter-Handzus-Primeau is extremely deep down the middle. I also think Carter should be the 2nd line center. They have enough veteran wings to place around him to put him in a position to succeed. A Gagne-Carter-Roenick line should be able to produce.

Handzus can center a checking line that should be able to score. Handzus-Radivojevic looked like they clicked well last season. I'm not sure who would be the 3rd member of that line. Sharp I guess. FWIW I think this might be Handzus's last season w/ the Flyers. At least one of Richards or Umberger will be ready after next season. I think both will be though. The Flyers are going to be in a predicament w/ roster spots very shortly.

LeClair HAS to be gone. He gives them nothing in the playoffs. The Flyers are a playoff team and that's a 9 million dollar problem. If he's back..egh.

Burke needs to be gone, and Niity needs to be in the NHL. My hope is Hull doesn't go to PHX, they panic b/c their offer was announced and they take Burke and Amonte back. If I was Clarke I would definately be willing to do something like Burke-Amonte for Savage-pick or prospect. Then buy out Savage. If they can't move Amonte, and the lockout doesn't last like 40 games, I guess they'd have to keep him.

Brashear should go if they can find a taker. Eager looks like a beast, with him, Stevenson, and then Fedoruk as an extra man I think Brashear would be expendable. This is Kapanen's last season w/ the Flyers I believe, so I guess Eager gets his shot after this coming season.

Usual suspects on defense. Glad to hear Rico is 100%. It'd be nice if Malakhov is back, but he won't make or break the defense. They need still need a crease-clearing defensemen and he isn't one. I don't see how they'll be able to get one though. Timmander is back as the 7th, and Seidenberg should be ready. Hopefully those lapses we saw in Seids game were a result of rust and not what we can expect from him.
What was this moved from the NHL Talk board? Nuclear, next time put "My predictions for the 04-05 Leafs roster" in the subject and it won't get moved. We all know every team in the league is a red-readed stepchild of the Leafs. HF is no different.

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