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07-29-2004, 09:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner
calgary could have won the stanley cup i don't know what you consider a cup contender.

two years and a club option i know that must have been one of your many mistypes because no way he signs with the rangers for that. gautier would want a lot of money and the rangers shouldn't spend it on him. the rangers are better off spending it on a player in the future. you do know there is going to be a lockout and possible salary cap/luxary tax?
ok and what do u think he will be asking for, obviousley another one of your ignorant/ im getting offended, stop picking on me comments, nothing new ( just please dont send me any more private messages to tell me stop picking on u )..... he will want maybe somewhere in the area of 2-2.5 maybe, to me it would be worth it, we have no toughness and once again u dont think, who does nyr have in the sense of toughness thats nhl ready????? purrinton , but i wouldnt make hima regular. with sturdwick helps out and with gauthier would be perfect we need the toughness for teams like philly and toronto etc.... u do know that right????? and idint i tell u what i consider a cup contender, or are u somewhat blind to my post, or shall i repeat it again for the disabled?????

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