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Originally Posted by Center Shift View Post
Why would they take goals for into consideration? I thought we were grading Marty Turco and Marty Brodeur on their goaltending skills, not their scoring skills. If you are implying that Brodeur did more with less, Turco had a way better winning percentage (.706 to Brodeur's .623), which is the kind of difference you would expect for a better goalie playing on a better team.

On a per-game basis that year, Turco beat Brodeur in everything. Wins, shutouts, GAA, save percentage, everything. The difference between them was games played. I agree that the voters probably weighted games played very highly in their choice. I disagree with that weighting, and that's why I think that Vezina was undeserved.
Well I'm sorry if we had this discussion in 03 my reasoning would be a little solid.

Goals really have nothing to do with it. That was dumb.


I was wrong; Brodeur played in 21 more games. He played in 90% of his teams games as opposed to 63%.

For every 2 games Turco played Brodeur played 3.

That should be weighted heavily when comparing statistics. If you think otherwise, I disagree and move on.

And again voting is not based solely on stats; otherwise Turco would have won in '02-'03 and Roloson would have won in '03-'04.

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