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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
Oh, how's your stride? Your a fast skater I take it? Hockey is 80% skating, not 80% stickhandling. Having the stick come to your chin, will allow the blade to rest on the ice to catch the puck, when you have that 90% knee bend. The 90 % knee bend will give you maximum power in your stride.

With the stick up around your eyes, tells me that you stand up more in order for the blade to receive the puck, which means less power in your stride. Which means that you are a slower skater. Now don't get me wrong, it's ok to be slow. in fact a lot of people skate slow.

I know, right about now you are going to say...I skate find, in fact I am one of the fastest on my team.

Well, you can be faster! If the stick is by your eyes and you are able to control the puck on your stick, then you are leaning too much forward, or your elbows are sticking out.

It just that, the shorter the stick, the more knee bend you will need in order to control the puck. The tall the stick, the less knees bend you will have in order to control the puck.

The less knee bend, the less stride you have, the less power you have. Now the next time you are trying to get around a defensemen with your fancy stick work, keep a mental picture on what happens with the puck when you start that deke.

Head coach
You know your arms extend too, right? Being that some guys skate leaned over(even in the NHL), then you add length of arms and where you tuck your upper hand(under your shoulder or extended and everything inbetween)... Then add the lie of the pattern and the rocker on the blade... Stick length tells you NOTHING about skating technique.

Does stick length play a factor in how you play? Yes. ...But you're not going to tell me that I skate differently when I have a stick that is 3" shorter because the lie on the stick is 6 instead of 5.

The best puckhandlers typically use shorter sticks. Are they better because they have better skating technique because of a shorter stick? NO. It's just easier to puckhandle with a shorter stick.

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