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Originally Posted by haakon84 View Post
That should be weighted heavily when comparing statistics. If you think otherwise, I disagree and move on.
Thanks for this discussion, I think it clarified the different positions. If you place a heavy weighting on games played then it makes more sense. The pro-Brodeur side sees him as a very valuable workhorse, while the other side sees him as a good goalie who just gets more chances to win games than everyone else, and that will of course lead to a different perception of value.

Just one parting comment - games played is not a perfect measure of skill, because a lot of what determines it comes down to choice. Some teams give their starter a lot of games and some teams don't. You mentioned Cechmanek, so let's take the Flyers as an example. Since 1990, no Philadelphia goalie has played more than 62 games in a single season, meaning they probably haven't had a single goalie in the last 20 years who meets your criteria for being eligible for the Vezina Trophy.

Of course they haven't had anyone of Brodeur's quality in goal, but they have had several guys have played 65-70+ games in other places as well as guys who have had very good seasons. Still, they never got the same huge workload as they themselves and their peers had on other teams. I think the reason is their organizational philosophy, and if you rate goalies based on their games played you are going to be biased for or against certain teams.

Not to mention things like travel, the number of back-to-backs a team has to play, the amount of money a team decides to play their backup goalie, whether a team has a hot prospect in the system or not, etc. That's why I think games played should count somewhat, but not nearly as much as the more important stats like save percentage. Brodeur won at least 2 of his Vezinas mostly on the back of his games played total, and therefore they were probably undeserved.

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