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01-04-2009, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by TBLfan View Post
Stick length tells you NOTHING about skating technique.

Does stick length play a factor in how you play? Yes.
The stick length will help you with proper skating posture. It's ok to skate hunched over, John Tonelli ( circa 1980's) played for the Islanders use to play forward like that all the time.

It's just that the proper stick length will allow you or maybe force you to keep that deep knee bend close to 90 degree. More knee bend means more power in your stride.

I don't care if you have a long stick, go ahead and place your arms out longer, the defensemen will love you for it.

Yeah, and I know that once you have been skating with a longer stick it's hard to change and yes I know it's a personal preference. It probably while you were growing up, your coach didn't teach you for correct you for the proper length of a stcik.

Oh, don't feel bad, I see that all the time. I get a Peewee on the ice that has problems, we cut his stick and the problem areas go away.

As for you, yes maybe it's too late to have you change. But it's ok, you will still be able to play like that.

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