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01-04-2009, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by dedalus View Post
No. Chosen and sting36e have already pretty well stated what I would, but I'll toss in a few numbers they didnt:

It's all well and good to say Shanny had 40 goals the year before. That ignores the fact that he played on a superior Red Wings team that ended the year with 305 goals and a .756 winning percentage. Fact of the matter is that he played with better players and was able to post .49 GPG.

DESPITE that, he posted .43 goals/game with the Rangers the following year. This is not a substantial dropoff. You also don't bother to state that he had his most productive playoffs since the 01-02 Red Wings team. That playoff performance was just as much a product of Renney's system.

It's all well and good to say Drury scored 37 goals the year before he became a Ranger; it's all well and good to call him a "multiple 30-goal scorer" ... although it seems to me that with exactly TWO 30-goal seasons in eight years, your use of the "multiple" is entirely disingenuous. What you've not mentioned is that the 25 goals he posated that first year under Renney was his highest total in every other season EXCEPT his pair of 30-goal seasons. So it is, presumably, Tom Renney's "fault" that he scored more goals than he did with the Flames and Avalanche, including two years skating on Joe Sakic's left flank.

Bringing Scott Gomez into a post that begins, "Its just amazing though isnt it? Its always the players fault that this team can not score goals." Scott Gomez has never scored goals. Devils fans laughed at the signing for this reason, and they were right to do so. Including him in any conversation about scoring goals is ridiculous.
Drury was always a good support scorer with a talent for coming through in real clutch situations--not really an offensive leader. Real clutch situations aren't everyday things. Gomez was always a setup guy. He needs to play with somebody who can finish. For whatever reason last year there was no real chemistry between him and Jagr who might have qualified for that--perhaps because Jagr is not strictly a finisher and perhaps because both need to have the puck. Shanahan was the other qualifed to be called a finisher but he's just about done. There is nobody on the current squad that seems to fit the mold of player that Gomez needs with maybe the exception of Dawes. This team anyway as I see it is screwed whether it somehow manages to make the playoffs or not. The talent isn't there. It's made of 2nd and 3rd liners. If it were possible it would be better to blow up the whole thing--keep your young players and start from scratch.

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