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07-30-2004, 08:15 AM
True Blue
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Originally Posted by 94now
I think Dale is there cause he suck up to Slats big time and he is good at it.
Are you kidding me? Can the Dale-bashers not get any more better amunition than the above drek? At the height of my battles with JR about Dale, at least he used credible arguments that made our debates fun. Even when myself and Sos had our Purinton wars, he would not use such drek.
Come on people, if you are going to bash someone, how about something with teeth and that actually makes sense?

"I dont know why you've got such a hard on for Purinton "

It's not really about Dale, but about whom you are comparing him to. Put it this way, Lemaire-coached team would find a way to make 6 Purintons work to at least be somewhat of a credible defense. Same team, but with 6 Potis's, and you have swiss-cheese defense.

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