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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
By the book....aaaaah, no! And no, I didn't write the book either. Trust me when I tell you, I have only been doing this now for 35 years and I am still learning.

It's just that there are some time tested truths about the game that will not change because of a new invention or a new pill that will make you skate faster.

If you want to skate with a stick that's too long, be my guest. In fact the other team will love you for it.

Example: Let's look at what a defensemen will see and think. If he's really good, he will look at your stick and see that it's too long and will use it against you. How is he going to use your stick against you?

He will control the gap a little wider because you have a longer stick, which means he will not have to control the gap that tight, which means he can poke check the puck off your stick with ease.

Now there are a lot of things you can do to keep the defensemen from kicking your a**, but that's for another day.

Good Luck.
Head coach
You know, you're right, you don't go by the book all the time, like when you whine about a nine year old using a trick that he was creative enough in practicing his stickhandling to learn and use in a between periods display. I have also been a coach, nearly half of my life and played as well, through college and passed on a minor league opportunity and can confidently say that what you wrote above sounds like some crap someone spews directly from a book.

My suggestion would be to do a better job of knowing when to go by the book and when not to since you seem to be doing a crap job of making those decisions...based on your posts here.

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